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20th Dec 2016

The Most Popular Day Of The Year To Get Dumped Is Fast Approaching


It may be the season to be jolly, but it looks like it’s also the season to get your heart torn into tiny little shreds. All those couples walking around hand in hand smiling smugly into their hot chocolates? Don’t be too jealous my seasonal singletons – their doomsday could be soon.

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Research shows that one of the most popular days of the year to break up with someone is just two weeks before Christmas. Or to be exact, December 11.

Statisticians monitored Facebook posts and statuses throughout the year and discovered a few key dates that have proved to have much higher rates of relationship breakdowns.

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There are a few theories floating around as to why people would want out of a relationship so close to Christmas. Perhaps penny-pinching Scrooges don’t feel the relationship is worth forking out money for on a present, or some people might be concerned about having to introduce their other half to family.

Seems harsh to us, but if you do turn out to be one of the unlucky ones, at least you can console yourself on endless amounts of mince pies and spiced ham.

Silver lining ‘n’ all that.

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