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13th Sep 2017

WATCH: The Entire City Needs To See This Hilarious ‘Dublin The Musical’ Video


We cannot deal with the latest music video to be shot in our own fair city. In fact, we’re gonna go so far as to say it’s verging on Oscar-worthy (maybe not actually but let us rejoice in its hilarity plz.)

Are you ready?

We present: Dublin The Musical, a parody of some of the best hits from the last few years, just eh, Dublin-ised.

There’s Adele’s ‘Hello’ set on Dun Laogahire Pier, there’s Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’ fantastically turned into Portobello, cans on the barge ‘n all, and there’s One Direction’s ‘History’ set in the ahem, historic area of Ballymun.

Created by Spin 103.8 breakfast show presenters Graham O’Toole and Nathan O’Reilly, the video turns iconic Dublin spots into a melody the likes of which you’ve never heard before…

We’ve already watched this five times this morning. Dublin The Musical is our new addiction.

What do you think?

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