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A Korean Fried Chicken Joint Is Opening In Dublin Today

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This is taking KFC to a whole new level…

Here in Dublin, we’re big chicken lovers.

We’ve seen the likes of Mad Egg being rammed with foodies since their opening last year and I’m sure that this will be no different.

If you’ve ever visited Korea you’ll find that fried chicken and beer is a local delicacy and there’s a load of different shops around.

Say hello Chimac!

This Korean-style chicken joint will be opening this afternoon on 76 Aungier Street.

I popped down yesterday for an exclusive peek and let me tell you, this place is seriously good.

Aungier Street is quickly becoming the foodie hub of Dublin with the likes of Lucky Tortoise, Wing It and Uno Mas opening up just across the street. Most of these restaurants are replacing vacant buildings that had closed down during the crash. Chimac has done exactly that.

The boom is well and truly back.

Owner Sophie explained to me that the now funky and bright venue was a dark dreary derelict building that required a lot of work – two years to be exact.

She visited Korea a few years back and developed a love for their style of fried chicken. She said by the end of her trip the shop owners thought she was mad because she was ordering chicken two or three times a day. From there she new she had to take this recipe home with her.

The restaurant serves up chicken sandwiches (burgers) and chicken pieces including wings, thigs, boneless bits and a vegan option.

I ordered a Kimcheese burger and fried chicken pieces.

The chicken was bloody delicious, you can tell they’ve put so much time and research into perfecting their recipe.

As well as the unreal grub, Chimac serve up frosé and Jinto which is a frozen wine and grapefruit cocktail. It’s unreal and will be such a vibe on sunny days in the city.

Inside it’s simple but quirky decor with benches, colourful art and bright blue walls. They were also pumping out the tunes so I’m sure today will be the same.

I predict that this venue is going to be absolutely jammers over the next while so get in while you can!

You do not want to miss this.

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