Big Mike's to launch with an initial 10% 'f*ck up tax'

By Katy Thornton

September 12, 2022 at 5:14pm


"Come in now, and enjoy watching us f*ck up!"


Michael's of Blackrock are known for their incredible steaks and seafood, which is what makes any addition to their restaurant family very exciting. Big Mike's has officially launched, and while they're still in their newly opened period, they have included a very unique discount.

Essentially while they get used to their new space they've included what they like to call a "f*ck up tax" which will get you 10% off your bill. Aware that opening a restaurants comes with growing pains, Big Mike's are making up for any hiccups in advance, saying:


"It's our first week or so. We're new to the space. We're gonna feck a few things up, it's normal. So we're doing a "f*ck up tax" 10% off your bill."

This discount will remain in place for the first couple of weeks while they're still getting used to their new spot.

For those who aren't interested, Big Mike's has said,


"If you prefer a more polished version, maybe wait a couple of weeks when we're purring a bit smoother."

This will either be the best or worst thing for the Karens of the world; they will automatically get a discount for any issues, but at the expense of whining about it (a tough choice, I know).

Header image via Instagram/michaels_dublin

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