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28th Oct 2022

Dillinger’s reopening next week after three months closed

Katy Thornton

dillinger's reopening

And they’ve got a brand new name too!

It’s been a difficult couple of months, for many reasons, one of which that Dillinger’s has been shut since the beginning of August. With so many hospitality locations being forced to close recently, we were genuinely getting concerned that we would never see them open again – we have been hurt before let’s just say. Being a huge fan of Dillinger’s, I’ve been keeping an eye on their socials for news, and when they didn’t reopen in September as planned, I started to worry.

So I was absolutely delighted to see them back on social media this week, announcing that they are in fact reopening on the 1st November (phew).

And that’s not all. Dillinger’s appear to have a new name; All Ways Welcome. We’re kind of obsessed to be honest, a new name for their “brand spanking new” restaurant.

Bookings are already open, so you can reserve a table HERE if you want to be one of the first to see the new premises.

I’m already drooling at the thought of their nacho bowl, which goes down as the best nacho bowl that I’ve ever had (and probably the largest too). Let’s just hope that not everything has changed with this new refurbishment.

Header image via Instagram/dillingersdublin

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