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23rd Jun 2023

Series of events planned at Dublin port postponed until further notice due to ‘insurance issues’

Katy Thornton

dublin port events postponed

“We explored and exhausted every possible angle”

Some of the events we were most looking forward to this summer were the ones organised by Temporary Pleasure for July. Unfortunately these Dublin Port events have had to be postponed due to “unforeseen insurance issues regarding temporary structures“.

There were meant to be a total of four outdoor events taking place across two weekends in July. The project was part of the Dublin Port Company’s ‘Connections’ program, which was supported by the Irish Arts Council, Dublin Port Company, the European Union’s Creative Europe Program, and as well as Temporary Pleasure’s sponsors.

In a lengthy explanation, Temporary Pleasure revealed the reasons behind their postponement of the Dublin Port events.

“We’ve been quiet this week as our Dublin date approaches. Due to unforeseen insurance issues regarding temporary structures, we must unfortunately postpone the event until further notice. While we had insurance cover in place before announcing, new terms and conditions were added later which are impossible to satisfy given the insurance market in Ireland currently.

“We explored and exhausted every possible angle – including reducing the design to all but the most basic infrastructure; running the workshop without any public events; and even running a workshop eliminating power tools and using only low risk construction methods – but even this was refused on a public liability issue.

“After three years, three sites, countless proposals and design revisions, and finally finding a site with the backing of a state body, it is incredibly frustrating and disappointing for it to come down to such a bureaucratic issue. We really tried everything we could to make this one happen.

“We would like to thank you all so much for your enthusiasm, our partners and collaborators for your endless support, and to our workshop participants for the time and energy you put into your incredible applications. We are so sorry to let you down on this one, we have a lot of work to do in laying the path for future events. Until next time.”

Last year, Temporary Pleasure built a club space at The Complex, in the face of the statistic that says 90% of Ireland’s night-time spaces have disappeared in the past two decades.

We look forward to the new date for the Temporary Pleasure and Dublin Port collaboration.

Header image via Instagram / Temporary Pleasure


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