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23rd May 2024

Ryanair announce they’ll now be serving cocktails on flights with Michael O’Leary-approved prices


And they’re cheaper than you’d get on ground level.

While we kick back in our limited-legroom seats, think about the holiday stretching out ahead of us (unlike the seat in front). We won’t have to suffer through a warm Heineken or a gin and tonic that’s heavy on the gin, now that Ryanair has upped the pre-holiday ante. They announced that they would be serving a range of cocktails on their flights, with some starting at under a tenner, as part of their summer refresh launch.

The budget airline have a brand-new cocktail menu for this summer, so you can start your holiday from the moment you step on the plane.

The company announce that they’re set to bring seven cocktails aboard flights this summer, with the cocktails suited to all tastes.

Some of the cocktails aboard Ryanair flights include a Dublin Lemonade (Jameson whiskey, Sprite Zero and sparkling water), a Fruit Snack (Bombay Sapphire gin, Sprite Zero and Capri-Sun), Rose Spritz (rosé wine and Sprite Zero) and Flying Iced Tea (Bombay Sapphire gin, Absolut vodka and Coca-Cola).

Ryanair announced they’ll now be serving cocktails on flights

Jade Kirwa, Head of Comms at Ryanair, said: “Summer is finally here, and what better way to kickstart your summer holiday than with a delicious cocktail from Ryanair’s new in-flight cocktail menu?

“Adding to our already extensive range of in-flight food and beverage options, our new cocktail range offers a selection of seven ready-to-drink cocktails from Flying Iced Tea to French 75 to Rose Spritz and more.”

“Head over to and book yourself a low fare flight and sample all that our in-flight menu has to offer now.”

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