Work has gotten underway on Ireland's first Tiny Forest in Dublin

By Fiona Frawley

March 24, 2023 at 5:13pm


The Tiny Forest concept originated in 1970s Japan, and has since been implemented in communities all over the world.

A rehabilitation centre has begun work on the first Tiny Forest in Ireland, which once fully grown will stand proudly in Mulhuddart, Dublin 15.

Members of the Tolka River Project group have planted 600 native trees on a small plot of soil at their site in Mulhuddart, with an aim to improve biodiversity in the area.

600 trees have already been planted on the site.  

Environmental charity Earthwatch Europe work regularly with cities and communities all over the continent to limit the effects of climate change, and have already installed over 200 Tiny Forests in urban spaces throughout the UK.

According to RTÉ News, the charity was on the lookout for a suitable location for Ireland's first Tiny Forest when it was approached by the Blakestown Community Group in Mulhuddart. The group proposed a plot on the site of the Tolka River Project community-based drugs rehabilitation facility.

A Tiny Forest can be as small as 3m x 4m in size, and must be capable of receiving sunlight for at least eight hours a day.

Various species of native plants are then planted close to each other so that they are squashed in. At the Tolka River plot, as many as 50 species have been planted.


Up to five saplings are planted for every square metre, resulting in the trees growing upwards for sunlight instead of spreading outwards.

Proven benefits

Speaking to RTÉ News about the benefits of tiny forests, Daniel Hayhow of Earthwatch Europe said:


"It's proven to be good for human health and wellbeing to have access to really good quality green spaces. There are lots of little patches of land across our cities that are underused, and if we can put in small little hotspots like this across the city, you can just imagine the impact it could have on people and wildlife".

The Tolka River Project is a community based rehabilitation centre, delivering assessment, aftercare and training services in the Dublin 20 area.

Header image via Earthwatch Europe 



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