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17th May 2017

6 Deadly Value And Delish Dublin Lunches To See You Through Today


Eating should always be a joyous occasion.

And while we’re big fans of breakfast, terribly fond of dinner, and aficionados of brunch, during the working week, lunch is arguably the most important meal of the day.

And with payday still to come, we’ve rounded up some of the tastiest – and most reasonably priced – dishes you can dine on to keep both you and your wallet happy.

1. Mini burrito, Belly Bites – €4

Belly Bites, situated on the bustling Thomas Street, has got you absolutely covered for quick cheap lunches.

Definitely providing the cheapest burrito in the city, their mini burrito is made up of a tortilla rolled with rice and beans (pinto or black), topped with salsa, sour cream and cheese. 

Easy, breezy, beautiful.

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2. Hummus Sandwich, Umi – €4.50

You can get a tasty hummus sandwich in the deliciously authentic Umi of Dame Street with your choice of four salads for just €4.50.

It’s tasty, it’s filling, and it certainly won’t break the bank.

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3. Soup, bread and dip, Havana – €4.50

Fresh homemade soup, bread and dip for less than five big ones. Unbelievably tasty and super fresh. You’d be mad not to.

They also give out €5 paella on Mondays, providing you check in on Facebook

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4. Pizza, Credo – €3 to €3.75

Big, juicy slices of decadent New York style pizza for less than two €2 coins.

Credo on Montague Street has it sussed. On offer here are slices of Margherita (€3), Americana (€3.50), Funghi & Ham (€3.75) and Garden Pizza (€3.75).

Could dough worse!

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5. Sandwich, Bison – €5

€7.95 if you eat in, and a tasty €5 if you take it away – enjoy the sunshine with a gloriously delicious sandwich courtesy of Bison on the South Quays.

On offer here are pulled pork, beef brisket or sausage sandwich.

6. Sandwich, Luncheonette – €3.50

Slowly becoming our favourite new, reasonably priced spot – Luncheonette on Thomas Street, pulls out killer menus week in, week out, and they’re all wicked.

This week on offer is rye or sourdough, with baked ham/cheddar, dill pickled cucumber and homemade mayonnaise. Sounds unreal.

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