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03rd Sep 2018

Five Cosy Pubs In Dublin That Will Give You Serious Autumn Feels

Darragh Berry

We just love the grand auld stretch in the evenings, but sadly – they’re getting shorter and shorter.

The sun disappearing means that we’ll be spending less time in the beer gardens on our nights out and more time nestled in a nice little corner of our favourite haunts.

So let’s forget about commiserating and start celebrating by popping into one if not all of these cosy little watering holes over the next few months.

And there’s no better way to celebrate Autumn than by raising an ice-cold pint of Archway. The newly released lager from Franciscan Well is the perfect drink for the autumn with its clear golden body and early hop aroma, not to mention its light pear and malt sweetness.

You’re thirsty already, we know it and these pubs will quench that for you

1. The Bleeding Horse

Fun fact: For several years the name of this pub was changed from The Bleeding Horse to ‘The Falcon’.

Yeah, we don’t like that name change either but one thing that will never change about this lovely little Upper Camden Street is its homely feeling.

The Bleeding Horse Inside

2. Brady’s Terenure

Brady’s is renowned for its sports coverage so you can be safe in the knowledge that if Manchester United are playing on the same night as another English team or Celtic in the Champions League, Brady’s will have both on their screens.

It’s also worth being in the building for their Thursday quizzes and their Brady Sessions on Friday.

Bradys Terenure Inside

3. The Morgue

It’s possibly the most depressing name in all of Dublin but the inside is anything but.

There’s even a fire in place which will add to the pleasant atmosphere on those extremely cold September nights – yes, we’re sorry to say they are coming back.

It describes itself as the “best pub in South Dublin” but also invites you to come see it and judge for yourself.

So, there’s no time like the present.

The Morgue Inside Cosy 2

4. The Leopardstown Inn

If you’re cool enough or become a local and a regular of this place over the Autumn, you might just be privileged enough to call it ‘The Lep’.

This place is well known for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere with amazing service to match meaning you’ll be well looked after on those chilly nights.

We can’t wait to ‘lep inn’ here for one or two. Get it?

The Lep Main

5. Gibneys Of Malahide

Autumn is a time for adventures and there’s no place better for a weekend visit than Malahide.

We love the fact that it looks like an old house on the exterior and stepping inside just confirms that it’s a place you can call home for the short period of time that you’re staying too.

And if having massive craic, chatting to locals about the history of the place while listening to some of the best trad music the county has to offer is your thing, this is the one for you.

Gibneys Malahide Inside 2