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15th Sep 2023

Did you see the Allianz stunt on Baggot Street last night?

Sarah McKenna

Brought to you by Allianz Insurance.

If you missed it last night, there’s still time to check it out.

If you were passing through Dublin last night, you may have noticed something different on Baggot Street Lower.

A large image was projected onto the wall of a building, and passersby were invited to press a button to see what would happen if disaster struck. When they pressed it, the image melted away either in a fire or a flood, and when the destruction cleared, it revealed a very important message.

The stunt comes courtesy of the folks at Allianz Insurance, to celebrate Rebuild Better, a brand new, first-of-its-kind insurance benefit for Irish customers.

Allianz Insurance understands the importance of future-proofing Irish homes and through Rebuild Better, all Allianz home insurance customers with buildings cover are able to make eco-friendly upgrades if their house is damaged.

Swing by 65 Baggot Street Lower in Dublin from 9pm to midnight on the 15th of September. There, you’ll see an interactive stunt showing the Rebuild Better exclusive benefit. If you are in the area feel free to pop by and give it a go.

If disaster strikes and you need to repair your home, what sustainable upgrades would you make with 5k from Allianz?

With this new and innovative insurance benefit, Allianz home insurance customers can avail of an additional €5,000 on buildings claims of €50,000 or more to be used to make sustainable, energy-efficient changes to their home during the reconstruction process. This €5,000 is an additional boost to the SEAI grants, which are already available. Rebuild Better allows homeowners to choose from a variety of sustainable upgrades, including heat pump installation, solar panels and attic and wall insulation.

Rebuild Better is eligible for claims relating to losses such as burst water pipes, fires, floods, storms and subsidence damage.

To avail of this benefit and receive the additional €5,000 from Allianz, customers will need to have received their SEAI grant.

A registered SEAI contractor will then execute the energy improvements.

You can learn more about the Rebuild Better benefit right here.

Brought to you by Allianz Insurance