Here's How Online Shoppers Can Nab FREE Tickets To This Summer’s Biggest Gigs

By seank

June 18, 2018 at 8:05am


Ever reached into your shopping bag to discover you forgot to bring something home that you really wanted from the shop? Well today we want to tell you how to achieve the exact opposite feeling.

As part of their Moments That Matter campaign, which we first told you about a few months back, the folks at SuperValu are continuing to help their customers reclaim precious time from their week through online shopping... and then giving those customers something better to do with the time they saved.

This summer, SuperValu will be sneaking tickets to some of the year's biggest gigs into random orders belonging to people who've bought their shopping online.

How's that for a pleasant surprise?

The Hidden Tickets initiative will see lucky shoppers scoring tickets to one-off performances, festivals and even GAA matches around the country — but in keeping with the mysterious theme, the tickets that are up for grabs will remain a secret until the moment you unpack your order.

Now we know you're greedy for more details, so we can reveal one teeny tidbit: most of the gigs will be taking place in Dublin, so locals won't have too much trouble attending.

Pictured are Catherine and Gavin Daly, the first lucky winners in the Supervalu Hidden Tickets initiative

For a chance to win tickets to a surprise gig this summer, simply order your shopping online from SuperValu HERE.