This delicious alcohol-free beer should make Dry January a LOT easier

By Lovin' Media

January 14, 2022 at 2:08pm



After a busy few weeks of saying goodbye to 2021, you're probably not alone if you've decided to take on Dry January this month.

But when it comes to catching up with friends and family, sticking to your alcohol-free resolution can be a bit more difficult, especially if you've got any special occasions lined up.

Whether it's catching up with pals during the work week or enjoying the weekends without breaking your Dry January resolution, a delicious alcohol-free alternative could be the perfect solution for those special moments.

That's why Birra Moretti Zero want you to enjoy the simple pleasures in life with a delicious, alcohol-free beer that will help you sail through Dry January.

Originally brewed in Italy in 1859, Birra Moretti Authentica is known for its authentic Italian notes and flavours, giving you a taste of the Udine Alps from the comfort of your own home.


And the same can be said for their alcohol-free option, Birra Moretti Zero.

That's because Birra Moretti Authentica’s master brewers have an expert process that gently removes the alcohol while maintaining those fresh, citrus flavours and delicious taste. 

Birra Moretti Zero also pairs perfectly with food, especially Mediterranean dishes, making it the ideal choice for lunch and dinner dates.

So, whether you're enjoying dinner and drinks with friends or family, or simply want to relax with a beer after a long week, Birra Moretti Zero makes it easier to enjoy those little moments with a fresh brew in hand.


And if you want to try out Birra Moretti Zero for FREE, we've got some good news...

You can try a free sample of Birra Moretti Zero at the following locations throughout Dry January:

  • Dundrum Shopping Centre, Dublin - 14 January
  • Galway Shopping Centre, Galway - 21 January
  • City Square Shopping Centre, Waterford - 22 January
  • Swords Pavilion, Dublin - 28 January

For more information on these free sampling events, keep an eye on Birra Moretti Authentica's socials.


Find out more about Birra Moretti Zero here.

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