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10th Jun 2022

WATCH: We got inside the sprawling Villa Moretti estate in the Tuscany Hills

Ann Cronin

Lovin’s very own Cassie Stokes recently went on the trip of a lifetime to Villa Moretti in Tuscany and discovered what authentic Italian life is really all about.

Life’s simple pleasures. Sometimes we forget about them as we navigate the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Smaller things like enjoying a delicious meal, sipping on a refreshing beverage and spending time with friends and family have become more important than ever in our downtime.

Cassie and some other lucky guests were flown to Villa Moretti in Tuscany by Birra Moretti to get first-hand experience of an authentic Italian way of life and enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures for themselves.

From her trip, Lovin’s Cassie Stokes has some favourite moments to share about how she learned to live the Italian way of life. Thankfully, you can try it too! From enjoying delicious Italian cuisine to embracing the perfect aperitivo, Cassie teaches us how to embrace life’s simple pleasures here at home…

Day One:

The first leg of Cassie’s trip was a night in Florence which, despite some rainy weather conditions, did not disappoint.

“We arrived in Florence and funnily enough it was raining, but that didn’t dampen our spirits as we headed to our hotel, called 25hours, in the city centre. Entering the hotel was like walking in to a museum – it felt like a work of art.” 

A few showers wouldn’t stop Cassie from exploring the breath-taking architecture and winding Italian streets of Florence.

Day one was brought to a typically Italian close with a delicious dinner and shared memories of the day just gone. A good rest in the Inferno-themed hotel room set them up for the weekend ahead.

Day Two:

It was time to wake up and get excited about travelling to Tuscany to arrive at, none other than, Villa Moretti! Adventure was the name of the game as the group toured the hiller parts of Florence in an Ape Calessino.

Think of a tuk tuk surging through the hillsides to bring the group to the cathedral where they could consume the stunning views of the surrounds.

Check it out…

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Next stop was the villa! With its location nestled in the stunning Tuscan Hills, Villa Moretti is a unique Tuscan getaway that celebrates living life the Italian way, developed, of course, by Birra Moretti.

Looking to learn from their new companions and environs, Cassie and the other guests enjoyed a gorgeous lunch while basking in the views of the unique landscapes.

Cassie reflects in that moment that, “The beauty of the place, in addition to the really calm peaceful vibe, made it so welcoming.”

Following that, a lesson in cooking authentic Italian cuisine was given as Cassie and the group tried their hand at making pasta from scratch. “Making pasta takes time, lots of time!” Cassie advised, “don’t be afraid to set aside a few hours to give yourself the best chance to get the process right.”

What followed was a night filled with a few chilled beers and the inevitable dancing they led to – which must be “the Italian secret to staying trim!” according to Cassie.

Day Three:

The afternoon and evening was centred on good food, good beer, and great company.

During the day, the guests were entertained with a gelato making lesson. Take note that gelato is very different to regular ice-cream in that it is softer, as they use more milk than cream, and it’s packed with flavour.

In the evening, an aperitivo was followed by the sumptuous treat of a Michelin star dinner. A classic Italian tradition, an aperitivo involves relaxing with a beverage after a long busy day.

When surmising her Italian experience, Cassie is keen to state that, “Every meal was a highlight, even a simple breakfast in the morning was delicious. Boiled eggs on toast just taste better in the Tuscan hills.” And who are we to disagree!

Appreciating small and simple pleasures are essential to the Italian way of life.

“You might also want to consider the dancing!” Cassie laughs. And, while she is saddened that her trip had to reach it conclusion, she has those memories now forever.

Birra Moretti Autentica and Birra Moretti Zero can be purchased in most off-licences nationwide. To find out more about Birra Moretti, click here.

Please drink responsibly.