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20th Dec 2016

Here’s What Chefs Will Be At The Big Grill And What They’ll Be Cooking

Alana Laverty

We are as excited for The Big Grill as we are for Christmas, if not more…

Meat, sunshine (hopefully!), tunes and good vibes.  The Big Grill runs from August 11-14 in Herbert Park.

Come experience the age-old art of cooking with smoke and fire in one of the prettiest parks in Dublin. Here are some of our favourite chefs who will be making an appearance at this years Big Grill…


DJ BBQ, also known as Christian Stevenson, has quite the reputation on the BBQ scene. And we can understand why.

If you’re not familiar with his work, t’s all in the name. He’s a BBQing DJ.

And not only does he have his own TV series but he has also DJ’ed at parties for Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

Impressed? Yup.

He’ll be kicking up an absolute storm at The Big Grill, both BBQing and DJing

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Christian Stevenson (@djbbq) on

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Christian Stevenson (@djbbq) on

John Relihan

Head chef at Holy Smoke and previous Pitmaster for Jamie Oliver’s flagship meat restaurant, Barbecoa. This guy seriously knows his flames.

He trained under world-renowned Pitmaster, Adam Perry Lang and is returning to Big Grill for his third year to cook up an abundance of wild game, seafood and some other surprises.

We are ravenous just thinking about it.

Mark O’Brien

Having gotten a taste for The Big Grill in 2014 when he worked alongside John Relihan, Mark makes his return to The Big Grill this year to showcase Irish fish cooked using traditional fire methods.

It sounds so good you can nearly taste it.

He has also worked in Barbecoa and is now Senior Sous Chef.

Andre Lima De Luca

As the first ever certified Pitmaster of Brazil, Andre is quite the meat and BBQ legend.

Known as owner and head chef at BOS BBQ, Brazil’s only Texas-style BBQ house, he now travels the world for food festivals, events and to visit like-minded restaurants to share his live fire cooking techniques with the masses.


Neil Rankin

Neil, who kick-started his career in Michelin level dining, discovered his love for meat and fire while also working for BBQ guru Adam Perry Lang.

Neil has just published a meat bible called Low and Slow, and we can’t wait to get our hands on a copy.

Keep an eye and a nostril out for him at The Big Grill.

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