Watch These Irish YouTubers Explain How To Write A Hit Song

"Remember humans are quite stupid, so the simpler you play it, the more likely they'll connect with the track"

Ever wondered how a hit song is put together? Well these two Irish YouTubers have just demystified the whole process for you.

Made by Cian Ducrot with assistance from Cian Twomey (the guy you recognised in the main picture), the pair break down the various stages song makers go through on their way to making a real earworm.

By the end, they make their own attempt at a number one... Have a listen and let us know if you'd download that shit.

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Seán Kenehan

Seán is known for eating, drinking and writing, making him uniquely qualified to work for Lovin Dublin. Seán enjoys skipping stones wistfully, puns that'd make a dad blush, and referring to himself in the third person.