WATCH: This Irish Lad's Ridiculously Catchy Conor McGregor Song Is Going Viral

Over 1 million views since last night...

It's not often you read the words 'Conor McGregor' and 'ukelele' in the same sentence but sure look, it's Thursday. 

The UFC star has been honoured in a new song by Kildare singer-songwriter Mick Konstantin. 

After throwing it up on Facebook last night, Mick's video has been shared nearly 20,000 times and accumulated over 1,200,000 views.

Some of the lyrics include: 

"A kid from Dublin with more than a dream,
He knew one day he'd be the king of the UFC,
With a group of fighting Irish not to be pushed over,
Not here to take part they were here to take over"

"And on the 26th of August we're taking over Vegas,
The Irish invasion you can't mistake us,
Singing songs day and night til our voices are sore,
Cos when one of us goes, we all go to war!!"

It really is ridiculously catchy and people all over Ireland are gonna be humming it all day. 

Want to see what the fuss is about? Check it out below and be sure to share it around!

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