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07th Jan 2020

This Valentine’s Day pub crawl will help cure your lovesickness

Sarah Finnan

With last Sunday being the busiest day of the year for dating apps, it seems that people are already on the hunt for new romance.

But being single doesn’t mean you have to sit home on Valentine’s Day, crying into your takeaway.

I mean you can if you want to, but if you’d rather a night on the town then I’d recommend signing up for the Alternative Dublin City ‘lovecrawl’ instead.

(Image: The Lovecrawl event page on Facebook)

A pub crawl for singletons, it will take you all around Dublin to some of the city’s best hotspots.

Led by an expert guide, you’ll meet dozens of people of all different ages from all across the globe. Guaranteed craic – far better than watching The Notebook for the eight millionth time (I’m not denying it’s a classic but time and place people, time and place).

Tickets include free drinks and ‘challenges’ along the way.

All going well, maybe this Valentine’s day will be your last one as a singleton for a while…who knows?!

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