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16th Jun 2020

What The Hack: A virtual scavenger hunt that is FAR better than your weekly Zoom quiz

Sarah Finnan

virtual scavenger hunt

A virtual scavenger hunt that will put you and your pals to the test.

Specialising in hackathons with a focus on social innovation, What The Hack is a virtual scavenger hunt that is a definite upgrade on your weekly Zoom quiz. The objective is simple: be the first team to figure out the clues and gather all of the objects.

Simple in theory but perhaps not so simple in execution… it has to be challenging to be fun.

Speaking to the brains behind the operation, Sophie Benoit, she told Lovin Dublin that Covid-19 has created new needs in terms of virtual teamwork and collaboration. Deciding to run a virtual scavenger hunt to help combine the two, part of the proceeds will be donated to charity with organisers deciding on Focus Ireland.

“We decided to run a virtual scavenger hunt and give a part of the profit to Focus Ireland as homelessness is going through the roof at the moment. We thought we could combine teamwork activity and raise awareness at the same time.”

Marketed as a team event, it very much plays into the idea of ‘the more the merrier’ and there are several different roles that need to be assigned to group members. The more people you have scouring the internet, the faster you’re likely to finish the hunt. See below for roles:

  • Captain – Keep people organized and assign tasks. Then get in there and get your hands dirty!
  • Googlers – We know people are gonna google. That’s the point! So assign a few people to take on the task of searching the web for answers!
  • Presenter – Someone has to organize all those screenshots and send them in to the facilitators!

This gives me serious QuiZone vibes… what a show.

Taking place at the end of June, the event will run on Slack – a collaboration hub often used to replace email for inhouse team communications. Tickets cost just under 17 euro (with 40 per cent of each sale going to Focus Ireland) and you can get yours here.

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