Five Affordable Spots To Go For Dinner This Weekend That Are Tasty AF


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Going out for a meal doesn't have to be mad expensive.

Wether you're gathering together a group of mates or having date night, there's some deadly spots in the city to choose from.

I'm one of those people who rarely goes to the same place twice. I like to try everywhere and have a good idea of where the best places in the city are to eat.

There are some places that have really impressed me however, that I find myself going back to when I'm in need of an affordable meal out.

These five spots are always guaranteed to settle my main foodie cravings.

1. Cotto for pizza

The pizzas from Cotto are undeniably delish.

With a crispy, buttery base and a load of stringy mozzarella, they'll leave you drooling at the mouth.

Ideal for a weekend treat.

2. Terra Madre for pasta

You'd walk right by this authentic Italian without even noticing it's there. Once you discover the beautiful Terra Madre however, it'll be hard to eat pasta anywhere else.

It's a tiny restaurant with about five tables so it's always guaranteed to be an intimate meal.

Their truffle oil ravioli is literal pockets of heaven.

3. Acapulco for Mexican

Burritos, nachos, fajitas - you can't go wrong.

Top all that off with one of their delicious frozen margaritas and you're on to a winner.


4. BuJo for burgers

The burgers from BuJo are out of this world good, I'm literally obsessed.

The burger joint serves up top quality produce and the creamiest, tastiest milkshakes around.

Add some panko pickles to the mix and you'll wonder how you ever ate anywhere else.

Heaven on earth.

5. Asahi for sushi

Right beside The Barge you find this sushi haven.

There's loads of room for big groups of friends and there's always such a buzz around.

Tasty sushi for a great price.

Dins for every night this weekend?


You're welcome!

Header image: @cottodublin @asahidublin

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