As Coppers rumours circulate, here are 5 Dublin locations we want Euphoria to film at

By Fiona Frawley

May 8, 2023 at 1:15pm


In our humble opinion.

Ever since the news broke that season 3 of Euphoria will be filming in Dublin (as far as IMDb is concerned, at least), Irish Twitter has been awash with visions of Fezco cruising along the quays in a Canada Goose jacket and Maddy shooting daggers at NCAD students in the smoking area of Workmans.

Copperface Jacks nearly had us going with their elite photoshop job of Rue and Jules spaced out on their basement dancefloor, and Cassie and Maddy squaring up to each other in the red tiled bathroom.

Of course, it goes without saying that Coppers would be the perfect location for a Euphoria scene, paired with an inevitable fight breaking out between Cassie and Maddy at Babylon over a doner kebab.

But where else in Dublin needs to be featured in season 3 of the sex-fuelled, drug-laced fever dream that is Euphoria? We've rounded up a few suggestions, just incase any TV execs happen to be reading.

DiFontaines, Parliament Street


If Nate and Cassie are somehow still together, we can see them on a date at Parliament Street's premier pizza joint (Cassie wanted to go somewhere boujie but Nate wasn't having it - she gave in of course), sitting at the tiny round table outside making everyone in the vicinity uncomfortable. Nate orders two of the meaty Delancey slices, Cassie goes for a classic cheese of which she has two rabbit-sized nibbles before thundering through Temple Bar in tears for reasons unknown.

K- Nails, Capel Street

We thought long and hard about the perfect nail salon for Maddy to visit while on Irish soil, and have concluded that K- Nails on the ever-atmospheric Capel Street is the one. Plenty to be looking out the window at and every nail colour you could want, sure where else would she be going?

Lisa's Yummy, Clanbrassil Street


We predict the Euphoria cast will follow in Leo Varadkar's footsteps and head for the night of their lives at Lisa's Yummy. I can picture it now - Jules sipping on a fruit laden cocktail, being moved by the music and neon signage while Maddy pelts Cassie with an assortment of dumplings. No better spot for it, really.

Samuel Beckett Centre, Trinity College

I'm not the first to predict that Lexi will join the lofty Trinity Players during her time in Ireland, and I'm sure I won't be the last. After the roaring success of her breakout play Our Life, Lexi will be plagued by the theatre bug, and her bookish aura and Tumblr-inspired style will no doubt land her a coveted place within Trinity's drama society. Her production of A Midsummer Night's Dream set in Supermacs of O'Connell Street debuts later this year.

Omniplex Rathmines


After frantically searching for a sober date night option, Rue and Jules will munch McNuggets outside the cinema before entering the foyer, confused about where to order their popcorn but ready to cosy up in the back row of screen 2. They'll round off the evening with a portion of garlic cheese chips from Hit the Spot and a bitta swan-watching along the canal with Fez.

Anywhere else you think the Euphoria gang should be hitting up while in Dublin? Let us know in the comments.


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