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19th May 2019

Gardaí Found A Driver Doing Something Fairly Bizarre While Parked On The M50

James Fenton

Wipe your tears, Lisa Simpson. Bleeding Gums Muphy lives.

Well, maybe not but the saxophone-loving jazzman from the early series of The Simpsons would be proud of the behaviour of this Dublin motorist even if the Gardaí aren’t.

The Garda traffic team have posted an image of a van they found parked on the M50 which they approached to see if everything was alright. When they got there they found out that everything was more than alright and the driver had just decided to pull in and have a blast of his saxophone.

The caption reads ‘We’ve heard of musicians going ‘on the road’…. M50 Motorway patrol stopped to check out a van parked on hard shoulder only to find the driver sitting inside playing saxophone! Never stop on motorways except in emergencies or when instructed by Gardaí or Emergency Services.’

As you do. They’ll be playing the blues if they’re caught again, no doubt.

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