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31st Mar 2020

Grey’s Anatomy season 16 hitting Irish TV screens tomorrow

Sarah Finnan

Grey's Anatomy season 16

The longest-running primetime medical drama, season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy will air in Ireland tomorrow.

Yes, the rumours are true. Grey’s Anatomy will return to Irish TV screens tomorrow night and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Making a comeback at just the right time, we’re only slightly behind our friends over in the US who have a couple of months headstart on the new season. Kicking off on Sky Witness at 9pm, Meredith and the gang will make their season 16 Irish with not one but two back-to-back episodes.

Need a quick catch up before delving into season 16? We got you.

Ending with quite the dramatic season finale (sounds about right), the last episode of season 15 saw an intense fog descend over Seattle causing a major traffic backlog and very pregnant Teddy stuck in the midst of it.

An insurance fraud debacle saw Andrew DeLuca take the fall for Meredith, landing himself behind bars. Bailey then fired Meredith, Karev and Webber for their involvement in the scheme so we can look forward to how all that unfolds.

Not to mention family drama with Jo who checked herself into a psychiatric clinic, and a domestic between Jackson and Maggie midway through a camping trip.

Lots of unanswered questions to get through, let’s hope the first two episodes of season 16 help enlighten us some. Tune in from 9pm tomorrow.

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