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21st Mar 2020

Ryan Tubridy shows first-hand what a Covid-19 test entails live on air

Darragh Murphy

Ryan Tubridy

Ryan Tubridy went through the process of a medical test for Covid-19 in the hope of easing viewers’ concerns about what it involves.

On a very unusual edition of The Late Late Show yet again filmed before no audience, Ryan Tubridy was walked through the Covid-19 testing process by the Head of the National Ambulance.

Throughout the test, a masked Tubridy assured viewers that it was nowhere near as scary or invasive as some might fear.

The Late Late Show host was first met with an ambulance worker, when it was explained how a patient goes from phoning their GP to a medical professional showing up at their home.

Tubridy then saw the process of his information being filled out before another medical professional swabbed the back of his throat and inside of his nose, before the swab was emptied into a test tube and attached to the appropriate information before being sent off for testing.

On this occasion, resources were not wasted by Tubridy’s sample actually being tested because he is not displaying any symptoms of coronavirus.

But the decision to showcase the very organised, respectful and composed nature of the testing procedure has been praised by many, with Minister for Health Simon Harris paying tribute to Tubridy’s efforts throughout the public health crisis.

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