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25th Jul 2018

WATCH: Looks Like Conor McGregor’s Da Really Isn’t A Fan Of The DART — Here’s Why


The DART — many Dubliners are thankful for the existence of this important public system, but there are those among us who are decidedly not fans. People like Conor McGregor’s dad, for instance.

Tony McGregor took to his Instagram in recent days to tell the tale of tendering a “crisp” €20 into the ticket machine — and the harrowing events which followed…

It’s as if the designers of the DART didn’t even consider the needs of slim fit, hand-fitted Hugo Boss suit-wearing passengers.

In fairness, we’re pretty sure McGregor was taking the piss here, but the video acts as an important reminder that even the family of local celebrities should really own a Leap card.

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