27 More Savage Bits And Bobs You Can Buy In Penneys For Less Than €20

By jo

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Well, it's almost the weekend – so naturally, we're back at Penneys for #HaulGoals round two, following a highly successful first visit.

Because, really, can we ever get enough stuff for less than 20 quid? No. Never. Here are 27 of the best buys. 

1. A clutch that says what we're thinking

Seriously. €8

2. This khaki jacket 

Love. So handy, €20

3. A sleeveless striped shirt

Sunday brunch outfit, sorted, €13

4. These silver pumps

We can vouch for the comfiness, €11

5. This zippy skirt 

This is one of our faves, €13

6. Sandals in red

What Chris de Burgh could have written about. He missed out. €8

7. Or In Khaki 

8. So much beauty swag, starting with this

Detangling brush of joy, €1.50 

9. These savage brushes 

For €2.50 each – sure where would you be going. 

10. This gel eye mask

It's SO cooling, €2.

11. The essential Penneys brow pencil

Keeping brow game strong since 2015, €1.50.

12. A chocolate hit

Because at this stage we were overstimulated with retail choices, €1

13. Annnnd we're back in the game with these heels

€19, and worth every cent 

14. These bangles 

€4, worn with...

15. This gorge striped dress

The perfect pairing. €14.

16. These super-soft fat man pants

For optimum lounging, €10.

17. A grey T that's V cute

€8, lads. 

18. This brown suede(ish) bag

It's not real suede, obvs, but it's still fab. €12.

19. This sleeveless jumper 

Add jeans and boots. Donezo. €12.

20. Pumps of dreams

In all their criss-crossed deliciousness, €11.

21. This black cardi that honestly is like wearing a blanket 

For the days you wish you were still in bed, €20.

22. Sandals for your holly-bops

Summer, come at us, €8.

23. This orange rain jacket

Because we are already in summer festival planning mode, and this is PERFECT, €11

24. This black shoulder bag 

To be fair, tis divine, €9.

25. These white flats 

Perfect spring shoe, €16.

26. Or black flats, if you prefer 

Cheaper again at €12.

27. And finally, PJs! YUSSSS

Always our fave part of the haul TBH. €8.