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17th Jul 2018

PICS: Blake Lively Is Back In Dublin Filming And Looks Unrecognisable

Darragh Berry

Blake Lively was back in Dublin to continue the shooting of her new movie, ‘The Rhythm Section’.

But, being honest, you’d have walked past the Gossip Girl star and wouldn’t think twice, she looked that different.

Her and Jude Law were making splashes in the Dublin rain late on Sunday but the blonde bombshell swapped her normal hair for a chopped and darker style.

Filming began late in 2017 but was forced to stop after Lively injured her hand. Blake plays the role of Stephanie Patrick, a girl who turns to drugs and prostitution after losing her family in a horrific crash.

The movie expected to be released in early 2019.

Law and Lively were shooting around the Libertines area on Sunday and a confused resident took a snap of a red phone box and a black taxi cab and feared that the “face of Brexit” was hitting Dublin.

But, instead it was just props from a movie and she confirmed that her friend had met with Lively as she got some coffee in Fusco’s.

As well as this, Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds were spotted in Powers Court as this eagle-eyed tweeter confirmed.

We’re keeping a stern eye on every part of Dublin from now on.

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