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PIC: Is This The Most Brutal Response To A First Date Ever?

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We don’t think the be much of a queue to date this guy after people see this pic. 

A recent article in the ‘Undateables’ section of Time Out New York came to the attention of Vanity Fair’s Maya Kosoff and she was so taken by it that she decided to share it on Twitter. 

The pic features a man and a woman who went on a date and it’s fair to say the man doesn’t come off well. 

Firstly, he gives out that she was five minutes late. Get over it. Later he gets annoyed that she orders her steak well done. “This isn’t Outback Steakhouse.”

Then, he performs the ultimate sin by having an issue with a girl ordering ice-cream. I mean, come on. 

Take a look. Would you call him again?

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