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17th Jan 2018

Dublin Jewellers Responds To Claims About Irish Social Media Influencer’s Alleged ‘Misleading Competitions’

Darragh Berry

An Irish ‘social media influencer’ is being accused of misleading fans by announcing people she knows as winners of her competitions. 

Terrie McEvoy – a Dublin born nurse who is currently working in Syndey – boasts the title of being one of the top 10 influencers in Ireland but the Instagram account @bullshitcallerouter, who has been outing social media influencers, believes that McEvoy has been misleading her followers.

First, McEvoy was accused of pulling the name of someone she knew out of a hat in August 2017 for a competition. 

The prize up for grabs to followers came from Tower Jewellers in Clondalkin in Dublin. 

Then, another two pictures were posted which suggested that for a different competition – also associated with Tower Jewellers – the influencer allegedly picked out one of the “best friend’s [she’s] ever had”.

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A Tj 2
A Tj 3
A Tj 4

Tower Jewellers then took to their Instagram to post a story on the matter to “apologise for any disloyalty that may have been portrayed” during their collaboration with McEvoy. 

Lovin Dublin got in touch with Tower Jewellers who said that they still “needed to speak to her. It’s very difficult to say any more on the matter as she is in Sydney but we need to talk to her and hope to be in contact with her by Wednesday.”

A Tj 5
A Tj 6

Another picture was then posted which looks to be from McEvoy stating that she is “related to the owners” of the store and that all the posts related to them are done for free.

The store replied under the same photo on the @bullshitcallerouter account and stated that they were in fact “not related” to McEvoy.

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This news comes a day after a Dublin Hotel Owner called out a social media influencer who asked to stay in his hotel for free in exchange for exposure.

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