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12th Jul 2017

The Temple Bar Pub Made An Absolute Killing In Profits Last Year


We’ve all been there: you’re smack bang in the middle of Temple Bar, you’re squished in between thousands and thousands of loud tourists, and goddamitt you just want a pint. Of anything really, any pint will do.

But as a Dubliner you’d rather chew off your hand than spend all your pocket money in any random old spot off the square, oh no. You’ll be drinking in your local watering hole thank you very much.

But you know what? Turns out Temple Bar is doing perfectly fine thanks to all those tourists and people like myself who give in and just perch on any stool and down a beer.

The Temple Bar pub for example, made reported profits in 2016 of a total netting of  €3.8 million.

The Irish Examiner reports that gross profits at Temple Inn Ltd, soared 17% last year, or by €1.48 million, from €8.8 million to €10.3 million.

The popular pub has expanded in recent years, adding a distillery store serving rare whiskeys and scotch, and shows no sign of slowing down in profits.

Nuts. Impressive, but nuts.

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