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28th Nov 2019

These gas Irish decorations are the perfect addition to your Christmas tree

Sarah Finnan

Decorating the Christmas tree is by far my favourite thing about Christmas.

Any excuse to break out the mulled wine, root out the decorations and throw on the festive tunes. This year I have my eye on a few of these Irish-made gems.

Picture the scene – the lights are dimmed, the fairy lights are glowing, and the first thing you see as you lay eyes on the Christmas tree is an ornament bearing the words ‘Jaysus, Mary & Joseph’.

How gas.

The laser-cut wooden decorations are the work of Fiona and Mike Snow, which include other classics like ‘eejit’, ‘langer’ and ‘gobshite’.

Amongst the other pieces on offer include prints by Maxi showing Stoneybatter, the pubs of Dublin, Five Lamps and a colourful depiction of the beloved Bernard Shaw.

There’s also a signed limited edition print of Jacob Stack’s ‘Launch’.

Along with ‘No More F*cks To Give’ by Marta Barcikowska and a wide range of other prints.

Take a look at the Jam Art Prints website for more inspiration and other decorations on offer.

Secret Santa gift sorted, lads.


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