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20th Dec 2016

Give That Burger A Kick – 8 Simple Spicy Seasonings For Your Summer BBQ


It’s BBQ season, baby!

And while you could just lash some naked meat on to the grill, or use shop-bought seasonings, a little really does go a long way when it comes to blending up dreamy mixes of your own.

Here are seven to get you started – some are hot, some are smoky, all are bursting with taste and begging to be washed down with a delicious cold beer.

1. Cowboy spice rub

With a name like that, how could you go wrong? These rubs work much as the name suggests – blends of spices that you massage into the meat, along with a bit of oil, before leaving to marinade. They give the meat a crispy, flavoursome exterior that contrasts perfectly with the tender insides; which is what barbecue is all about, really.

For the most part, this is the usual suspects – blending the taste with a decent kick – but there’s also an interesting twist here in the form of… coffee.

Get the full recipe here

1 Cowboy Spice Mix

2. Pineapple bourbon BBQ sauce

Pineapple is so hot right now – though let’s be honest, when has it ever not been? This is a fantastic variation on your good old-fashioned BBQ sauce, and one that will definitely have people asking you where you picked it up.

When they do? Just wink smugly. It’ll drive them mad.

Get the full recipe here

2 Pineapple Bourbon Barbecue Sauce

3. BBQ seasoning rub

These rubs turn good meat into great meat – and while there’s nothing revolutionary about this particular blend, it will be a definite crowd-pleaser.

Get the full recipe here

3 Bbqseasoning

4. Texas spice rub

As above, but with a little less sweetness, a bit more smokiness – and a good bit more of a kick. It’ll still be accessible to all sorts of palates and all sorts of tolerances, mind; this is far from blow-the-head-off territory.

Get the full recipe here

4 Texasrub

5. Homemade BBQ sauce

A more standard variation of what we saw above, hailing from Kansas City. You have to get the basics right, after all.

Get the full recipe here

5 Homemadebbqsauce

6. Homemade BBQ rub

Sauces are all fine and well, but rubs are where you really get maximum flavour out of your goodies. Try the coconut sugar variation, as suggested here, to create something truly different. 

Get the full recipe here

6 Homemadebbqrub

7. Seasoned potato wedges

Because there’s more to BBQ than just meat! The seasoning on these wedges – which you can also use for sweet potatoes – will help you create an absolutely perfect side dish to go alongside the main event.

Get the full recipe here

7 Wedgeseasoning

8. Homemade beer bbq sauce

Combining two of our favourite things with fantastic results. Slather this on just about everything, it tastes absolutely delicious and will last for weeks in your fridge.

Get the full recipe here

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