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25th Jan 2019

This Eight Week Programme Is Serious Health Goals


When the 1st of January rings in, it can mean a fresh start for people in more ways than one.

Starting the year on a health-kick by joining a new gym or committing to eating less and exercising more is one place to start, but there’s more to it than that. While these are good habits to pick up, it’s how you approach your new healthy regime that matters and finding a way for it to fit into your lifestyle seamlessly so it doesn’t seem like a burden.

On a mission to help the nation kick-start their health journey, LloydsPharmacy has created an amazing ‘Change Your Health Direction’ programme in 91 of their stores, giving you and your family a great opportunity to make positive health changes and embrace these new lifestyle habits.

How does it work?

With the support of a Health Coach in your local LloydsPharmacy, the 8-week programme takes a holistic approach to health and will guide you along the way to achieving your goals.

You’ll stay on track with in-store services such as smoking control support, blood pressure and BMI checks, a health transformation diary not to mention the amazing lifestyle and health coaching lessons.

There is so much on offer here and it’s all completely FREE!

Nutritional Therapist Elsa Jones has also provided her seven tips for better health from how much fruit and veg to eat, getting enough sleep, cutting back on caffeine and much more. Statistically you are more likely to achieve a goal with help and this is like having your very own team of experts on hand. Priceless.

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Applying it to everyday life

One thing I personally find difficult when on a health-buzz, is how to incorporate new diets into your normal routine. Well, fear not lads and lassies, you’ll get all the tips on keeping things going whether at home, in work or on a night out.

Another UNREAL aspect of this programme is the education around food labels and how to read them. I’ve no clue when it comes to the right amount of carbs or sugar intake, good sugars VS bad sugars, too much salt, good fats or bad fats – it can become unbearable and this is where we’re inclined to fall off the path.

You’ll get a crash course in how to pick the right foods for your own eating plan and great ideas for snacks and sourcing sugary drink alternatives. There are also some really delish recipes on their ‘LoveLloyds Blog’ for breakfast, lunch and dinner including grilled salmon, poached eggs, protein banana pancakes and much more. NOM.

All sounds pretty great, right? I’m all over this.

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Who can sign up?

This programme is for anyone looking to improve their health, whether you want to care for your skin more, focus on healthy eating, cut down or even quit smoking or simply embrace positive aging and increase your energy levels. In a nutshell, this is for anyone and everyone!

The smallest of changes to your lifestyle can make a massive difference. For many of us it starts with healthy eating and we are more and more aware of needing to improve our lifestyles.

A key feature of this programme is that it caters to the individual’s goals, no matter how big or small. There is no set plan just expert one-to-one advice to help you along the way.

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Are you ready to Change Your Health Direction? For more info on the programme head here and find your local store to sign-up here

Check out their Instagram for updates on their programme too!