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20th Dec 2016

Meet Lady Leshurr – The Latest Brilliant Artist To Feature In Guinness’ Legacies Series


So you’ve already seen the Guinness ad with John Hammond, right?

The pioneering talent scout spurned racial divisions in 1930s New York, famously describing himself as “the sometimes intolerant champion of tolerance” – and this series of short films featuring contemporary artists shows us just how fresh his legacy remains, several decades on.

The films star contemporary artists like Rudimental and Lianne La Havas, who tell John Hammond’s story through their eyes.

Next up, Lady Leshurr, an incredible and unique rap artist, weighs in on Hammond’s valiant efforts…

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Leshurr is a great contemporary artist and it is clear to see that Hammond’s legacy resonates with her. She bases the roots of her music in the music of the past and in the film discusses how music and lyrics continue to be a force for change, referencing society and culture in a completely original way.

Serious talent!