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08th Aug 2017

Rooftop Parks, High Rise Buildings, More Pedestrianised Streets — Is This The Future Of Dublin?


We obviously love Dublin round these parts, but that doesn’t mean we don’t think it can’t be improved.

We only need look to our neighbours in Britain and continental Europe to find inspiration to make Ireland’s capital better, like constructing a train line that connects the airport to the city centre.

But we need to start thinking about more radical changes. Rush hour could be eliminated by self-driving cars and crime rates could fall through the introduction of patrolling drones controlled by the Gardaí.

The future of this city could look very different indeed — and that’s a good thing.

Dublin Chamber launched the Great Dublin Survey recently, which poses a series of thought-provoking questions with the aim of finding the very best ideas, hopes and aspirations that locals have for the capital.

Here’s what the people of Dublin think the city will look like in 2050…

Every idea that’s fed into the survey will find its way back to Dublin Chamber, who will take these findings into consideration to make their future policies better and more forward-thinking.

Want to join the conversation? Share your thoughts using the Great Dublin Survey HERE.