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30th Sep 2021

WATCH: Green & Black’s and Coco Brew team up to find the perfect chocolate and coffee pairing

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It’s International Coffee Day and, to celebrate, our very own Cassie Stokes found the perfect chocolate pairing for your everyday cuppa.

Calling all coffee lovers! Today is International Coffee Day, so it’s only right you mark the occasion with a cup of your favourite brew in hand. And if you want to find the perfect sweet treat to enjoy with your morning coffee, we’ve got just the thing…

To celebrate International Coffee Day, Green & Black’s have teamed up with Coco Brew to match their delicious chocolate selection to the perfect cup of coffee. Green & Black’s chocolate selection lies on an Intensity Scale of 1 to 9, ranging from a sweet and simple white chocolate right up to a rich, delicious dark chocolate option.

With such a huge, delicious selection of flavours and intensities, there’s sure to be something that suits your taste, making Green & Black’s is the ultimate pairing for your midday coffee break.

Coco Brew’s Coffee Taste Maker Tony puts his coffee-expertise to good use in the video below, by matching different chocolates from Green & Black’s Intensity Scale to their perfect coffee pairing. For example, did you know that Green & Black’s White chocolate, number 3 on the Intensity Scale, pairs perfectly with an Espresso? Or that their dark cocoa options balance perfectly with a sweet flat white?

In the video below, Cassie tests some of Green & Black’s delicious chocolates with some popular coffee orders, to find the perfect pairing for her everyday cuppa. So, brew yourself a cup of your favourite coffee, grab a delicious Green & Black’s treat and watch the full video below.