Ryan Gosling Explained The Proper Pronunciation Of Saoirse Ronan To Hollywood Last Night

"It's not 'Sorcery', although it probably should be"


Ryan Gosling took to the stage last night to educate Hollywood on the proper pronunciation of Saoirse Ronan's name last night.

Okay, he didn't go on stage specifically to do that. He was up there to present the New Hollywood Award to the talented young actress at last night's Hollywood Awards.

There was controversy surrounding the presentation of this award to the young actress, simply because of the sheer body of work she already has at the tender age of 21. The Howth star was one of the youngest actresses ever to receive an Oscar nomination, for her role in Atonement.

Gosling describes Ronan as not only one of his favourite actresses, but also one of his favourite people. D'aww.

It's just a shame that he made a bit of a cock-up with the surname, after he did so well with her first name. Check it out below.

So in summary:

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