Phibsboro pub renames itself "Garth Brooks HQ" to celebrate Croke Park gigs

By Fiona Frawley

September 12, 2022 at 10:19am


Where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases your blues away, and you'll be okay.

Incase you haven't been able to tell by the influx of traffic and sequinned, feathered cowboy hats around the place, Garth Brooks's Dublin residency is in full swing.

Croke Park audiences enjoyed three nights with Garth over the weekend, with two more scheduled for this Friday 16th and Saturday 17th.

If you're heading along to one of the gigs and wondering where to go for a pint before or after, the Bald Eagle has made it very easy for you.


A ten minute walk from Croke Park, the Phibsboro gastropub has renamed itself as 'Garth Brooks HQ' in honour of the country icon's long awaited Dublin gigs. There's new signage, cardboard cutout Garths peeping out the window at passersby - the works.

The Bald Eagle is open from midday "till very late" on gig days, with food, cocktails, craft beers and whatever else your country-lovin heart may desire ahead of your evening with Garth.

And if they're too full, fear not - there are plenty more pubs in the area hopping on the Garth wagon (or Gareth, depending on who you talk to):

Plenty of options for all the cowboys and friends out there.

Header image via Instagram/thebaldeagled7

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