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There’s A Pink Gin, Pilates And Pizza Event On In This Wexford Street Bar

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The perfect weekend treat.

After a long, hard week at work all of that stress needs to be stretched out of you. Pilates is the ideal way to have a serious work out but also to ease out all of those areas of tension.

It’s great for getting every part of your body moving and to strengthen your tum and bum.

On July 22nd there will be a fabulous pilates, pizza and pink gin event in The Jar on Wexford Street.

This super pink event will be hosted by Powered Pink’s Dearbhla Mitchell who will be instructing the class on the day. This is the second instalment and it’s back by popular demand so it’s set to be better than ever.

The class will be held in the garden terrace of the bar. After working out, there will be an assortment wood-fired base pizzas, including veggie & vegan options, as well as those all-important pink gin inspired beverages, to wind down and relax.

The event is the perfect mix between your health and well-being and rewarding yourself.

You can get tickets by clicking here.

Cheers to that!

Header image: @the.jar.pub

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