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29th Sep 2021

We can’t wait for the return of Halloween nights out, and this one looks unreal

Fiona Frawley

The highlight of my night will be being asked “what are you meant to be?” after spending 8 hours following a corpse bride make up tutorial.

Last Halloween was a quiet one, for obvious reasons. Trick or Treaters were kept at home. Events were cancelled. Scream masks were swapped for surgical ones. Fair enough, it’s just the way things had to be.

But this year, Halloween follows closely behind the long awaited ~Reopening Of Everything~ on the 22nd of October. And that means one thing – the return of Halloween parties. You’ll be able to do shots while dressed as a scarecrow, get the shift with a skeleton, all that good stuff. And if you’re looking for a place to do it all, feast your eyes on this Wigwam event:

The Midnight Disco will take place in Wigwam on All Hallows Eve (the 31st Oct, just to confirm for the non spooky folk reading this). Tickets are available now, and we couldn’t be more excited. You can expect creepy art installations, live music and a high calibre of costumes, so make sure you’re looking your best (most terrifying!)

If you’re looking for somewhere to pick up the perfect Halloween fit, the iconic Fun Place The Joke Shop has reopened in Stephen’s Green and has all the goods.

Grab your tickets to the Midnight Disco HERE.

Header imge via Instagram/meangirls

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