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17th Sep 2020

The Brown Thomas Christmas Shop is now open

Rory Cashin

99 days to Christmas Day, just FYI.

With 2020 being what it is, and this weird late summer we’ve been having, you’d be forgiven for not being entirely sure what day/week/month it is.

However, one of the biggest signifiers than 2020 is an unusual year is that the Brown Thomas Christmas Shop didn’t open in mid-August like it has done the last few years. But we’ve got good news for those who like getting into the festive spirit earlier than most, because as of today… Christmas Is Here!

Brown Thomas have opened their Christmas Shops in their Dublin, Limerick and Cork branches, so if you’re already hankering for Christmas decorations, trees, hampers, stockings, crackers and the like, then you can head in today and pick them up.

Rachel Morgans, the Brown Thomas Buying Director, stated that “The Christmas Shop is renowned for offering the most unique festive offerings.

“We take pride in sourcing the most exquisite decorations and have been on the markets since December to ensure we offer the best for our customers and be the go-to destination for all things Christmas.”

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