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13th Oct 2017

Dublin Man Captures Amazing Act Of Kindness From Homeless Man On Henry Street

Megan Cassidy

Unfortunately, people sleeping rough on the streets of Dublin is an all-too-common sight these days. 

But what Skerries man Phily Dunne captured on Henry St. this week was a break from the usual – a real bittersweet moment. 

Phily was on his lunch break when he spotted a homeless man reach into his pocket to give change to a charity collecting alongside him. 

Phily told us: 

“I was standing beside this homeless man outside Arnotts on my lunch break when I saw two guys from Autism Ireland walking by asking people for donations.

“I noticed the homeless man calling them over, and when they approached him he rummaged through his pocket to find change to by a flower and donate.

Phily continued: “I felt so sorry for the man but so inspired by his integrity and kindness to give to others although he had not much himself. 

“It was incredible to see!” 

Henry St

Phily went on: “I was so touched I went to buy him a sandwich and give him some change but when I returned he was gone! 

“I shared the picture to raise awareness and give this man the credibility he deserves. 

“I wanted to send a message to people of the public that not all homeless people are drug abusers or criminals they’re just in unfortunate circumstances and need a little help.” 

An amazing moment. Thanks for sending our way Phily. 

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