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25th Jan 2020

Walk this way: your guide to conquering a night out in Dublin…in heels

Sarah Finnan

Night out in heels

Let me set the scene…

It’s Saturday night, you’re getting all glam. You’ve messaged the girlos to ask what they’re wearing…different variations of the ‘jeans and a nice top’. Standard. You’ve established that you’re going out out as opposed to just out. Which means that heels are probably involved.

You wince at the thought, but “beauty is pain” you remind yourself.

Nights out in Dublin often involve lots of walking. Heels and walking do not go hand in hand. The lyric “these boots were made for walking” most definitely refers to a pair of flat, fur-lined pair of boots that are more similar to clouds than actual shoes.

With that in mind, and having braved many a night out in heels myself, I’ve put together five different ‘gals on tour’ routes for you ladies – routes that skimp on the walking, but not on the craic.

So, crack open the bubbly and get ready for a night on the tiles – it’s essentially the end of Dry January anyways.

FYI: Each route starts with dinner…you’re making a whole night of this, remember?

Route One


You’d think that the hype around Sprezzatura would have died down by now, but people are still crazy for the sustainable pasta joint. But with an incredibly tasty menu as well as wine and espresso martinis on top, it’s not hard to see why. Consider the carbs dancing fuel, the vino and cheese too. All necessary sustenance for a night out.

Camden Exchange

A two-minute walk from Sprezzatura, the Camden Exchange has bucketloads of charm. Cool interior, extensive cocktail list and vibey atmosphere. The Marshmallow & Cherry Blossom cocktail will sweeten your life up just the right amount.


Ramble on one minute down the road and you’ll reach your next destination. Famous for their pint of plain, it’d be rude not to call in.

SUCH beauty.

My goodness, my Guinness.

Jimmy Rabbitte’s

A speakeasy with plenty of character. Right beside the brand spanking new The Camden, this is the final stop on route one – the place to be of a Saturday night it seems.

The perfect spot to conclude the night and set your inner Dancing Queen free.

Route Two

Las Tapas de Lola

Though I have yet to visit Las Tapas de Lola, it comes highly recommended – with one of my Dublin pals ranking it amongst her “absolute favourite restaurants in the city”. High praise.

Serving up some of the tastiest tapas this side of Spain, it’s sophisticated and trendy in equal measures.


Opium has become one of the city’s chicest haunts after having undergone extensive renovations. Named as Late bar/Nightclub of the Year in 2019,  it has a botanical garden of dreams. Instagram opportunities galore.

The Jar

A regular fixture on my own forays into town, The Jar is a solid spot for a bop. The smoking area outside, complete with heaters, makes for a good place to mingle or take stock of the night thus far.

(P.S. I completely agree with the above sentiment.)

Route Three

Market Bar

This is a great shout for a group. Casual, loads of space, big portions, cheap. Most dishes are served up tapas-style so perfect for sharing. I’d recommend the goat’s cheese crostini, the calamari, the fish skewers and the gambas pil pil.

And for anyone who has been before – they have new additions to the menu to keep things interesting.


Literally right beside the Market Bar, it’s the next logical stop on your night out. A neighbourhood hotspot, you’re bound to run into a familiar face or two inside. Loads of velvety couches and a roaring fire to keep you snug as a bug inside.


Step outside Idlewild, look across the road and bingo you’ve found stop three – not far to waddle in your heels at all.

L’gueuleton is people-watching central…so if you’ve gotten to that point in the night where the conversation has run dry, fear not as passers-by can provide the entertainment.


A melting pot of party goers from all walks of life, Hogans is definitely one of the buzzier spots in town. The smoking area outside is usually jammed with people chatting and laughing, and inside is no different. I’ve been known to frequent Hogans of a Saturday so can confirm first-hand that it’s a good time.

Route Four


Pizza all day every day. Pi pizza is bloody delicious. In fact, the Nduja was dubbed as the Lovin Dublin best pizza in Dublin 2019, so you have it on good authority that they’re pros.

I personally love the classic Margherita; simple but effective. The basil aioli is diptastic too.


Margaritas, need I say more? Continue on the theme from Pi, except replace the cheese with tequila. Delicious as they are, try not to down them like juice.

J.T. Pim’s

Lovin had their 300k Instagram celebration party here last year and it was a whopper night.

Great tunes, lovely staff, tasty drinks.

The George

I’m sorry but a night out in Dublin is just not a proper night out unless The George is involved. One of my absolute favourite places to go for a boogie it’s just good vibes all around. The playlist is jampacked with all the oldies and the dancefloor is always full – whether you’re in heels or not.

Route Five

Sano Pizza

I just really like pizza; I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – I’d happily eat it every day for the rest of my life. Sano is cheap and cheerful with a Margherita costing less than €8.

It’s also usually rammed with Italians which counts as a raving endorsement in my books.

The Liquor Rooms

Boasting four different rooms, each one offers a very different night out. The Liquor Rooms also has an absolutely stunning bathroom, complete with a full-length mirror ideal for outfit pics.

Street 66

A quiet (dog-friendly!!) chill-out spot by day, by night a vibrant LGBTQ+ haven.


With Dublin Drag Queen Pixie Woo usually on the decks, you’re guaranteed only the best anthems. Rainbow flags and Andy Warhol quotes aplenty too. One of our favourite quirky bars in the city.

So there you have it. Five different routes to try out in heels and keep the social flame burning. Aim for one a week, or if you’re really ambitious one on Friday night, and another on Saturday. Your feet will be fine so all you have to worry about is your stamina…and bank balance.

Happy weekend!

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