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17th Sep 2020

Harry Potter to Spider-Man: A round-up of all the new PS5 game trailers

Rory Cashin

God Of War, Resident Evil, Call Of Duty…. so many new games and we want them all!

Last night was a big night for gaming fans, as Sony finally unveiled all of the details for the PlayStation 5 we’ve been waiting for, including pricing and release dates.

That wasn’t all they showed us though, as they presented a cavalcade of new game trailers in order to get us excited to play them around Christmas and well into 2021.

So if you’re planning on getting the Sony console off Santa this year, these will be the games you’re probably already wanting to get your hands on:


It has already been four years since the FF15, so fans of the series have been waited with held breath to see if a new one would be announced, and their prayers were answered. No set release date yet, but we’d guess it would be the later end of 2021 before we get to play this one.


This has been a long time coming, but while fans of Harry Potter will be very happy to be able to explore the infamous wizarding school as much as they want, they won’t actually be running into The Boy Who Lived, as this game is apparently set about 150 years before the arrive of Harry to the school. It is due for release some time in 2021.


Available to buy from the day the console is launched, this spin-off (Get it? Spin-off? Cos spiders? Never mind…) of the fantastic PS4 Spider-Man game sees you play as Peter Parker’s apprentice, who gets involved in a plot that could destroy his entire Harlem neighbourhood. The bridge set-piece in this trailer is BONKERS.


Another game available upon the console’s release, anyone who has ever played a COD game should know what to expect here: impressive visuals, kinetic firefights, and OTT action scenes. The trailer below gives just one example and it is like the biggest scene from a Fast & Furious movie.


After the series was resurrected (Get it? Resurrected? Cos zombies? Never mind…) with RE7, they’re sticking with the first-person horror for the new sequel, due to arrive in 2021. The plot is still mostly under wraps, but we do know that the horror will be taking place in a European village, and there are werewolves involved. As if zombies weren’t enough…


The incredibly difficult action game from 2009 has been given a complete graphical overhaul, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Of course, with all of the monsters and crumbling castles and undead knights, the word “gorgeous” is relative. This one will also be available upon launch of the console.


Yes, this is the ultimate tease, giving us nothing more than a single snowy visual and Kratos’ impossible deep voice giving us a bit of a warning. But for anyone who played the 2018 reboot and remembers how that ended, then the title of this alone should be enough to get excited.

There were loads more trailers aside from these released at the event, and you can check each and every one of them out right here.