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04th May 2020

WATCH: Martine McCutcheon responds to Dublin man’s take on that Love Actually dance scene

Sarah Finnan

Love Actually

Love actually is all around.

Tyga’s song Bored in the House has been a popular choice for TikTok videos during quarantine – understandable considering the lyrics pretty much sum up exactly how we’re all feeling about life indoors. “I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored”… familiar territory am I right?

Well, while many have been using their free time to learn TikTok routines, Dubliner Hugh Foley set his sights on recreating famous movie scenes instead – with his take on Hugh Grant’s dance number from Love Actually even grabbing the attention of Martine McCutcheon herself.

According to Hugh (Foley, that is… have yet to speak to Hugh Grant but here’s hoping), the video made it into Martine’s WhatsApp messages thanks to a cousin in London who knows her :

“Just had the idea of remaking a few funny movie scenes and we had great craic filming them around the house and sending them on Snapchat and WhatsApp… we actually sent it around our family WhatsApp groups first and turned out one of our cousins in London knows her so he sent it onto her and she loved it.”

In fact, she loved it so much that she even sent a reply back saying:

“Hello Hugh Foley, Martine McCutcheon here. Loved your video, I thought it was the funniest, cutest thing. I think you might be the best dancer in Ireland.”


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Looks like him and Hugh Grant have the same first name and the same signature moves – we reckon he should tackle the ‘to me you are perfect’ scene next and see if he can get a shout-out from Keira Knightley.

Thanks to Tom for sending this in, who claims it is “the best bitta craic” he’s seen in Dublin today. We’d have to agree with you there Tom.

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