This Fade Street Bar Feels Like A Cosy Living Room – And You've Probably Never Even Noticed It Before

Take a look inside Idlewild...

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If you've taken the short stroll down Fade Street in recent months then you've surely walked right past Idlewild – whether you actually noticed it, however, is a different story.

The little cocktail joint may have been open since May 27 but it hasn't been shouting for your attention, its name isn't even written above the door, having only a simple 'bar' sign outside.

Brought to us by the same folks behind The Market Bar and The Chelsea Drugstore, Idlewild derives its name from a drinking hole that was once housed in JFK airport, which was a renowned den of powerful mobsters and politicians.

This '50s-era vibe translates over to its menu of 'boilermakers' and classy cocktails (seven in total, one for each day of the week).

Having experienced a resurgence in popularity stateside in recent years, a boilermaker is essentially just a craft beer paired with a shot of whiskey, and Idlewild has devised a whole menu of these carefully chosen pairings.

Their boilermakers go for €9 or €10, and they include the Breakfast Of Champions (Jameson Caskmates & White Hag: White Sow Stout), Cork Boi (Powers Three Swallows & Eight Degrees: The Full Irish), The Crafty Dubs (Teelings Small Batch & Big Hop Red), and many more. 

Manager Keith Malone said,

We're not a craft beer bar, or a cocktail and whiskey bar, we see ourselves as a neighbourhood bar to suit everybody. Some people like beers, some like whiskey, so why not pair them together to get the best of both?

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But, for us, the drinks on offer aren't the main attraction – what we really like is the sheer cosiness. With its long comfy couches, dim lighting, stacks of books and massive fireplace, you feel like you're in someone's living room.

You can see why this place doesn't have a sign outside, everything about the neighbourhood bar says it wants to be low-key. 

You know, except for the massive disco ball hanging from the centre of the room...

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What sets us apart from the others is the relaxed atmosphere we offer and the friendliest staff who are always around for a chat.

Keith Malone, Manager

You can find Idlewild at 14 Fade Street.

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