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22nd Mar 2021

Public delighted as Michael D and wife Sabina receive first doses of Covid-19 vaccine

Sarah Finnan

President Higgins previously said that he would be “very glad” to receive the vaccine as soon as his turn came around. 

President Michael D Higgins and his wife Sabina received the first doses of their Covid-19 vaccine late last week.

Both 79 years young, the couple is eligible to receive the vaccine as part of the HSE’s rollout programme – with the duo vaccinated at their local GP’s office on Friday last. Confirming that their ‘turn’ had come, the official presidential Twitter account tweeted to say that both Michael D and Sabina were “grateful” to have received the first doses of their vaccination.

Naturally, there was great concern for Miggeldy’s two dogs with one Twitter user encouraging the powers that be to “please do the dogs too, just to be sure.”

Saying what we’re all thinking, to be fair. News of Síoda’s passing shook us to our very core last year, so Bród and Misneach must be protected at all costs.

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