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20th Dec 2016

The 10 best things spotted On #Lovindublin this week


We love finding and sharing the best things in Dublin with you here on the blog but we also encourage you guys to take photos with #lovindublin on either Twitter or Instagram. The standard seems to get better every single week and just firing up the Hashtag has us drooling and loving the city we live in. Here are the top 10 things we have spotted you guys sharing this week.

10.Lennox Cafe

You know when a place has a queue around the corner to get in every weekend for brunch there is something amazing going on. The picture doesn’t lie!

9.Farmer Browns Review

The more people writing about food and sharing their content the better we say. This is a super review of Farmer Browns in Ballsbridge from Jess.

8.Restaurant Forty One

Jessica seems to be nearly as big a foodie as we all are here in LD Towers and I nearly jumped through the screen when I saw this photo.


Perhaps the forgotten burger joint around town with all the new deadly ones out there but hard to beat a good Bobos every now and again!

6.Peruke Doggy Bags

Great new spot on Dawson Street and what always struck us was their brilliant branding. To think that they even thought to do it on doggy bags is brilliant!

5.A Killer Sandwich

When our social media feeds light up with people opening their killer sambos every week we get insanely jealous that we forgot to order ours! Super looking Japanese one this week.

4.The Table

Up on the canal we are constantly seeing people rave about this place online these days and if this photo is anything to go by we can see why!

3.Pablo’s Pulled Pork

As we know pulled pork craze is sweeping the capital at the moment. The sambos in Pablos are absolutely to die for and this one looks incredible.

2.Fish Finger Sambo

So this was made with one of our amazing recipes last week so we might be a little biased but if anything it may look even a little better than our one in fairness!


One of our fav restaurants in town but also one of our fav foodies taking the picture. Seeing this makes us want to go down there for a big bowl of risotto pronto!

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