Foodie Friday: Eight unusual food and coffee spots that you need to try

By Lynda Keogh

October 9, 2020 at 2:58pm


There's been lots of quirky spots that have caught our attention over the last few weeks; from sea containers to food trucks. If you haven't tried these spots, they're something a little bit out of the ordinary - and we love it!

1. The Window Box
This spot only just opened this week and it should be on your list - for breakfast and lunch! Their menu is delish - from blueberry pancakes and bacon butties to pulled pork burrito bowls and Lebanese Mezze plates.

2. Dash Container
A shipping container that serves up coffee, sambos and soft serve ice cream? Yeah, we can't really pass that up. Great spot to try before getting those steps in, in the Phoenix Park.

3. Taco Man Dublin
Can't get to Cabo this year and craving flavourful and fresh authentic Mexican tacos? The Taco Man is here to fulfil all your taco needs. These guys are bringing us big flavours, using Irish ingredients - they  even do jackfruit tacos too *drool*.


4. Five 6 Max Coffee 
Ever tried a coffee made using a high spec barista machine, from the back of a Smart car? Yeah didn't think so.  We've always been told that good things come in small packages and this definitely lives up to that - this caffeine hit is whopper.

5. Mugg Uggly Coffee

Don't be fooled by the name, these guys are anything but ugly! The most perfect spot to grab your next coffee, trust us. Oh, also - top tip - they're doggo friendly, they even do puppachinos!


6. The Secret Garden @ Saba

Taking the outdoor dining scene in its stride, Saba created this city centre secret garden. Although the food and fairy lights might transport you to Asia, the Irish weather is still a bit... unpredictable! BYOB - Bring Your Own Blanket.

7. Wowburger Truck 
This bad boy just landed outside Union Cafe in Mount Merrion. Wow Burger is always a dece spot for burgers and a milkshake. Ugh, look we just can't say no.


8. Sprezzatura's Revamped Carpark 
Fairy lights, fresh air and even fresher pasta. This reminds me of New York so much, and there is nothing I don't love about this idea. Just goes to show how innovative the guys on the Irish food scene really are - seriously respect the pinhead pivot.

What spots have you tried that are a little bit different?

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