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17th Jul 2023

Dublin pub threatens ‘bring your own toilet paper’ policy as prices soar

Fiona Frawley

bring your own toilet paper dublin pub

B.Y.O.B(og roll).

As rising overheads and the ongoing cost-of-living crisis continues to impact Irish businesses, we’ve seen a few creative money saving options across the city.

In September of last year, Doyles Corner of Phibsboro introduced a a 20% discount to customers who were willing to wear their coats inside while the heating was turned down every Tuesday. Now, a popular Dublin 8 pub could be introducing a ‘bring your own toilet roll policy’ as prices from wholesalers continue to soar.

To be fair, The Headline probably aren’t serious – but stranger things have happened in the last year.

The Headline team took to Twitter to share a snap of a wholesale pack of toilet roll and comment on the rising costs, writing “€40 for a pack of 12 toilet roll! Crazy prices from wholesalers, the cheaper and better versions are not on the shelves anymore. There may be a “bring your own roll” policy”.

Tough news for the Tiny Bag Community, who barely have space for their phones in their miniature cross bodies, never mind a roll of cushy two-ply.

Toilet paper prices have been on the rise in recent years; figures from NeilsenIQ last year indicated that toilet paper prices rose by 15.6% in the year to May – way above the general increase in the price of consumer goods.

And we could see a further increase next year when new deforestation laws come into effect for the EU – the laws will require businesses to conduct strict due diligence if they place a number of items including toilet paper on the market.

CEO of sustainable toilet paper brand Cheeky Panda Chris Forbes has expressed concerns that the industry is not prepared for changes that will come into effect as a result, telling UK publication The Grocer: “There will definitely be a squeeze on availability and we can expect the price of recycled tissue to rise as demand for alternatives increases.”

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